Dark Mind – Book 1 in the Dark Mind Trilogy

What if you heard voices in your head? What if they were real?

Eighth-grader Cole Sicarius has the power to prevent tragedy. To use it he must listen to the mysterious voices in his head. He’s lived with this ability in secret his entire life until one day he notices a boy watching him. Stalking him. What are this boy’s intentions? How are the two of them connected? Is it possible that Cole isn’t the only one who hears these voices?

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Shadows Within – Book 2 in the Dark Mind Trilogy

Sometimes the greatest threat comes from within.

Cole has done a terrible thing. Nothing will change that fact. All he can do now is be thankful it’s over and try to move on. Forget the voices. Forget the awful things they made him do. But just as he’s starting to get past it, he discovers one problem. It’s not over…

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Voices in the Night – Book 3 in the Dark Mind Trilogy

How do you fight what you cannot see?

The voices in Cole’s head have always been there. Whispering. Threatening. Manipulating. It’s time to end their reign of terror. That is Cole’s mission. To succeed, he will need to find an ally, someone who knows more about the voices.

The voices won’t go easily, however. Now more than ever, they are determined to survive. They have a plan, a terrifying plan that goes beyond anything Cole thought was possible. And by the time he realizes what’s happening, it may already be too late.

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